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Don’t you wish you had a child like me?

I have a rule in my house: if you’re bringing me a beer, you  have to be topless. You may think this is awfully demanding, but:
1. I don’t have any other real rules. (I know you find this surprising)
2. Femmes are surprisingly open to doing this, so why not take advantage of it?
3. It can work both ways… occasionally…
Last time I was home in Edmonton, my mother brought my dad a beer. I told her that she should do that topless. She said she would if I weren’t there.
Now that I’m here again, I asked if she brought dad any beer topless. She said no.
This morning, my dad was preparing my mother’s coffee. Every morning, he brings mom the paper and a coffee to her while she’s still in bed in the morning. I suggested he bring her the coffee topless. And he did!
But only because he’s waiting for her to recipricate with beer…
(The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree you know.)
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