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Facebook is not quite perfect…. yet.

May 30, 2008 Leave a comment
Facebook puts ads on the side of the screen you are viewing. They are getting very clever at gearing the ads to me personally.
The current one is titled "37 and still single?". Why yes I am. How very astute.
But then they blew it. The rest of the text reads "Why not have some fun and meet some hot guys on Singlenet".
Um… no thanks.
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A blog for the DS (but you can read it too)

May 29, 2008 Leave a comment
Background for anyone who isn’t the DS:
During one of the DS’s many moves last year, we went to Canadian Tire to pick up some rubbermaid bins. She had looked through the flyer and they were on sale there. Great! Good shopping. (What else would you expect from a femme?) Also in the flyer was a Mastercraft 5 piece locking plier set. It was regular $39.99 and now on for $9.99. She REALLY wanted to buy them. I did not think she needed them.
In the store, we put a bunch of bins in a cart and proceeded to the checkout. On the way, we passed a pile of plier sets. The DS wanted to buy them. I did not. We debated this purchase extensively. I put my foot down. "No – you do not need these."
We bought our bins and went to her place.
Upon unpacking, I found a Mastercraft 5 piece locking plier set. She had put them in a bin and I hadn’t noticed. Which also meant we hadn’t paid for them. Ugh.
So of course, the femme got her way. No surprise really. Then we broke up (not right away though, nor was it a result of this incident).
Anyway, on Tuesday, I went to a training course to certify me in BW Defender (air monitor) operation and maintenance. This is a one day course I needed to take for work. After we wrote the exam, all attendees got a "door prize".
Mine was the Mastercraft 5 piece locking plier set.

Catching up on blogging.

May 15, 2008 Leave a comment
I’ve been busy so I’ve been late giving a summary of the wedding. So here it is:
The church service was the shortest one I’ve ever been to. I read the poem I was supposed to read without incident (although I had to hold the microphone and I was so tempted to pick it up and start singing werewolf showtunes).
At the reception, I was seated at a large round table with my parents, my brother and his wife, my grandmother and my great Auntie Jean. My Auntie Jean is 90 years old and very chatty. The first thing I heard her say was "who is that boy?" meaning me of course. My grandmother replied "that’s no boy, that’s Soncha". ("Soncha" is what my name sounds like when a Ukrainian farmer says it.) My Auntie Jean got it.
Then I changed seats and she forgot. So she asked my grandmother who I was again.
This occurred every time I changed seats.
Finally, she pulled me over and chatted with me for several minutes. She told me about how she thinks I’m a boy because I look like my dad (which I do) and in the old country, if a girl looks like her dad, she has good luck. So apparently I have good luck. Then she told me that she wanted to be a carpenter all her life and she got her dad to show her how to build a house. She did the shingling on the roof and her husband couldn’t help because he was afraid of heights. I thought that she was telling me in her own way that she’s a tomboy dyke too! She was telling me we were kindred spirits!
Then I changed seats and she forgot who I was again.
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Don’t you wish you had a child like me?

I have a rule in my house: if you’re bringing me a beer, you  have to be topless. You may think this is awfully demanding, but:
1. I don’t have any other real rules. (I know you find this surprising)
2. Femmes are surprisingly open to doing this, so why not take advantage of it?
3. It can work both ways… occasionally…
Last time I was home in Edmonton, my mother brought my dad a beer. I told her that she should do that topless. She said she would if I weren’t there.
Now that I’m here again, I asked if she brought dad any beer topless. She said no.
This morning, my dad was preparing my mother’s coffee. Every morning, he brings mom the paper and a coffee to her while she’s still in bed in the morning. I suggested he bring her the coffee topless. And he did!
But only because he’s waiting for her to recipricate with beer…
(The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree you know.)
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