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My kingdom for a femme!

Ok – I thought I’d go buy some dress pants for my cousin’s wedding this weekend. I wore jeans (black, new) to my brother’s wedding with a black dress shirt and black silk tie. It was very monochromatic. My mother didn’t complain but it was my brother’s second wedding, it was in the afternoon (no evening reception) and held at the olympic park in Calgary.
My cousin’s wedding has a church and reception and many, many guests so I figured someone would protest me wearing jeans. Particularly my mother. So I went shopping after work.
Apparently buying a basic black pant in proper women’s fit it not easy. Then I decided on an ‘outfit’. I needed to buy a shirt (also in a women’s cut). I found the exact shirt I wanted at a trendy clothing store and the largest size they had was one size too small for me. This is where I needed a femme to just take me shopping. I really have no idea what I’m doing and am the mercy of the clerks.
Regular sizes are too small. Plus sizes are too large. And let me tell you – plus sizes are FAR girlier than the regular sizes. Must we make voluptuous women prissy? Practically everything is bedazzled or bejeweled or has flowers on it. And all the collars are open and quite plunging. I don’t have the cleavage to support that.
I shopped for over two hours looking for something that I knew exactly what I wanted and had seen it already – just not in the correct size.
And apparently, I’m also out of season. Plus sized women don’t wear long sleeved shirts in the spring.
This is why I wear jeans to a wedding. And to my cousin’s wedding on Saturday, I’m wearing a tshirt. But I’ll rip off the sleeves because I’m plus-sized and it’s spring.
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  1. Miss
    April 30, 2008 at 9:39 am

    You are soooo not plus-sized. Most of the stores are now adopting much smaller sizing…I\’m not sure if it\’s because everyone has an eating disorder, or because we are being invaded by nationalities that have much smaller statures. hehehe But I agree, and am enraged when I try to find something simple to wear…Just because we are curvy, apparently we are blind.
    Next time you need help shopping gimme a call, and I\’ll lend you my g/f. (I personally don\’t like shopping much). She truly has a gift. I\’ve tried shopping on my own in the past, but now I just save myself the headache and tell her what I want 🙂

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