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How much creative license do I get?

My cousin, Mark, is getting married in Calgary this weekend. I am flying home for it.
Today he asked if I would do a reading at the church service. I pondered the fun I could have as a lesbian – I would pretend there was a force field around the altar that wouldn’t let me through, then touch the bible to open it and pretend that it burned me. And then I would speak in tongues. My mother would be appalled.
But it turns out I’m reading a poem. It rhymes. I’m having trouble with that. I asked Mark if he was married (pardon the pun) to the rhyme and if so, maybe we could go with something more now like something from Freddy Mercury. Imagine the impact of "thunderbolts of lightning, very very frightening". I could pull that off. It would rock.
Of course, there is always danger of the blasphemy of being a lesbian in a church reading something that reaks of gay camp. I told my cousin I’d wear something non-flammable in the case of divine retribution. He was fine with that. He also said he hoped I wouldn’t be struck by lightning but would bring marshmallows and hot dogs just in case.
<Aside: I used to be better behaved in churches but I personally blame the new pope. I’m sure it has something to do with him. Don’t even get me started on the sin of pollution. What about the sin of improper lane changes or taking two seats on the subway?! What about those sins?>
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