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Rear-ended by two dykes, but not in a good way.

My flag twirling group had to go to Goderich Saturday night to be there for Sunday for a rehearsal. A portion of our routine was being choreographed by a dance instructor (who used to be in colour guard) at his dance studio. Goderich (pop. 8000) is on Lake Huron, is a 3hr drive from Toronto and has two sunsets. And a lot of people who have never seen gays before.
As I had to take 6 people and 15 pieces of equipment (ie: fags and flags), I could not drive my Nissan Versa. Rather than rent a vehicle, I swapped cars with a co-worker who owns a big Dodge Durango. Not only can it fit all of us and our gear, it has a DVD player for entertainment. Although, the DVD in it was "Rescue Rangers" as my co-worker has two kids under 10.
Friday after work, we did the swap. She got my zippy and easy to parallel park Versa, and I got her SUV, which although roomy, had the maneuverability of a small tank. And it costs $100 to fill. I don’t know how she does it with the salary my company pays.
Saturday, I had to drive on the Gardiner to get to the village where I had to pick up flag twirlers. I was motoring along when I noticed everyone in front of me was slamming on their brakes for no good reason. So I did too. The car behind me – not so much.
Luckily, I was in a tank and sustained no damage. The car that hit me was smooshed. Radiator fluid everywhere. We exchanged info, I called my co-worker to let her know what happened, I rendezvoused with my twirlers (and I was still on time – how virgo is that?).
The women who hit me were a very nice lesbian couple. I’m wondering if I should call them and ask if they want to be friends. They may know a cute, single femme…
And for the record, 6 hours of flag twirling is a lot of flag twirling. I can’t move today.
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