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I’ve scared my mother.

My mother read my blog about getting a brush cut. She is not amused. She said she will ‘freak out’ and make me wear a dress to my cousin’s wedding if i get a brush cut. I was actually going to get her to do it for me – after my cousin’s wedding.
My poor mother.
And to sum up my inspection trip last week:
1. The inspection itself was fun. We walked under the streets of L.A. in the pipeline, splashing in the puddles for 9.5 miles. It was awesome.
2. The travel portion sucked. In addition to that five hours in customs on Tuesday, I spent a good deal of time waiting for shuttles and then waiting to book a Saturday morning flight from Denver to Toronto when I missed my Friday night connection due to a delayed flight from California to L.A. I’m sure I spent more time in airports than in the pipe. I finished two books and one was Ken Follet’s "Pillars of the Earth".
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