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I need rubber pants.

Something very disturbing has been happening at work. Whenever I wash my hands in the large restroom, I leave the restroom with a large wet spot, perfectly round and the size of a softball, on my right thigh.
This has been happening for about two weeks now. I don’t get it when I wash my hands in the sink in the single restroom so it can’t be something I’m doing, yet no one else in the office seems to have this wet spot, so it can’t be the sink… unless no one else in the company washes their hands after they pee.
In other news: I was very close to shaving my head today – not completely bald but totally buzzed. The guy in the next chair at the hairdresser was getting his cut that way and I almost said "do it like his". But I’ll wait for the next haircut. I have meetings with a client next week in SoCal so I’ll try not to be too flagrantly dykey.
In yet other news: You know how I wanted dirty PPE so I wouldn’t look like a green inspector next week? I’ve been looking at my dirty gear and all I keep thinking is, "I should wash that…" ugh. My virgo brain works against me sometimes.
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