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The universe takes care of everything.

I am going on an inspection next week, which means I have to get inside the pipeline. I haven’t been inside a pipeline in maybe four years as I’ve been riding a desk. And when I did get in the pipe that four year ago, I borrowed PPE. PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment and includes things like your hard hat and steel toed boots. Well, I did own my own boots, but everything else I borrowed.
Now I will be doing quarterly inspections with the field crews so I bought my own PPE. It’s brand spanking new. Squeeky clean. It screams "THIS WOMAN HAS NOT BEEN INSIDE A PIPELINE IN FOUR YEARS". Not good.
I considered rolling around in the mud to dirty up my gear but Toronto has been getting record snowfalls and everything is clean and white. There’s no mud. And my neighours would likely wonder what his crazy woman with the climbing helmet, headlamp and hip waders was doing rolling around on the muddy ground.
So I have virgin PPE and this is why I was dreading my field appearance next week.
Until…. we got a call on our emergency leak line – there was an inspection that one of our partners was doing here in mississauga – very close to my home in fact. They needed someone to sub-contract a rescue service for the inspector entering the pipeline (a confined space) and the inspector wanted someone to go into the pipeline with him. So I spent all morning today crawling around in a 60" concrete pipe getting my gear good and dirty.
The lord provides. Hallelujah.
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