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They are persistent!

It used to be that when the Jehovah’s wanted to recruit, they would go door to door in pairs and talk to you. If you were home and had 25 cents, they would give you a copy of their magazine, the Watchtower.
Recently, they’ve been coming to visit and I haven’t been home. Normally, you’d never know, but now they are leaving the magazine in my mailbox. I don’t need to see them in person or pay the 25 cents. I put the magazine directly into recycle.
This morning, I was taking my newspaper (the Toronto Star is giving me a couple months of free papers) out of the mailbox and there was a large envelope with a hand-written address to me. Well, to "occupant", but it had my entire proper address in there. If it were some kind of junk mail, it would just be in my mailbox unaddressed.
I opened it on my way to work. It’s a copy of the magazine. I threw it in the recycle at work.
Now that I’m onto their sneaky ways, they may escalate their methods and actually mail it to me. But I’m not going to read it until they send it registered mail.
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