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It may be the end of an era.

The DS and I went for coffee today at my favourite coffee shop in Port Credit. There was a time when I lived in Port Credit and I would go there on Saturday morning and Sunday morning to read and have a fattening latte and just slow down to enjoy life. I tried going to the fancier coffee shop, but it was very impersonal. The people at this coffee shop knew me and what I wanted to order. I was a regular.
When I was dating Stella, it was part of our weekend ritual to go there and play Scrabble. In the beginning, I kicked her ass and I didn’t even have to try. At the end of a year, she was beating me at least 50% of the time and I was trying very hard.
I went there with my mom and my aunt (where my mom saw Mike Bullard), and my dad, and all kinds of people. I bought art there from the artists who served my coffee. They are the only coffee shop who still serves my favourite coffee – the creme brule latte. It was my favourite coffee shop. My coffee home.
Today it was closed and some strange man was behind the counter. Looked like the owner’s husband. I’m hoping they are just doing some renos but I’m thinking they’re shutting down.
We went to the Second Cup down the road. I had a decaf tea.
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