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A lesson for life.

January 28, 2008 Leave a comment
When I was at the airport in Phoenix on Friday, there was a guy sitting across from me. He was about 45 maybe.
I watched him as he read his book, which is pretty much one of the two things you can do in an airport: read or watch someone read. Unless, of course, you like U.S. news, then you can watch the overhead tv.
So anyway, this guy was reading (I couldn’t make out the title) and was moving his lips and then every once in a while he would break out into a huge smile, presumably because whatever he’s read is funny. I think that’s awesome that he’s getting so much pleasure from his book that he breaks out into a smile. That’s how life should be – just full of little things that make you break out in a smile.
Or maybe he had some vodka in that starbucks mug…
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I am not the best.

January 10, 2008 1 comment
I know you all think I am the ultimate in organization, but there is one who seems more organized than I: Co-Worker A.
Co-worker A keeps a grocery list on the fridge (as do I) but hers is divided into quadrants that parallel the grocery store layout. When she needs something from produce, it goes in one quadrant, while meat goes in another. Well, maybe not meat as she’s a vegetarian, but you know what I mean.
Then in the store, she tears off a quadrant to give to her boyfriend so he has a mini-list of items to fetch and bring back.
I surrender my Organization Queen hat (or "crown") to Co-worker A.
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I just about forgot to tell you:

January 3, 2008 Leave a comment
Before Christmas I was doing laundry – mine and the DS’s. Sometimes she does it, sometimes I do it.
Anyway, when I do laundry there are two loads: darks and not quite darks. When combined with the DS’s clothes, I not only had darks and not quite darks, i had whites and beiges and mediums and reds. YES – THERE WAS A WHOLE LOAD OF REDS! And not a small load – a very large load. Can you believe that?
PS: American Gladiators is coming back to tv on January 6th! I’m so excited.
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