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Christmas in the prairies.

It’s been fun here in Edmonton. Many good Christmas things happening.
It started with a gathering of ex-fort people. (Well, mostly ex-fort people – one is not an ex, she’s still there.) That’s the picture in the restaurant. By the way, that restaurant had the best pancakes I’ve ever had in a restaurant.
Then there were family gatherings a plenty. My dad’s family came over on Christmas Eve. We went to my borther’s on Christmas Day. The second photo is of us at my brother’s house (I’m the one in the antlers). My brother keeps his house at 64 deg – that’s 17.7 deg for we Canadians. That is so wrong. Normally, I keep my house around 23. At my brother’s, I was wearing two jackets and freezing! My sister-in-law’s mother was wandering around the house in bare feet and my nephew was in shorts and a t-shirt though. Very odd that.
Finally we did the annual Cribbage Tournament at my mom’s cousin’s house. I can’t find anyone to play crib with out east so I only play once a year at this tournament. My mom won the tournament last year. I came in second last this year. But it was great fun. A house full of crazy indians is always fun 🙂
Oh and for all those people wondering who still uses iceberg lettuce – it’s Albertans. Both my mom and my sister-in-law have it. Must be a prairie thing.
Now I must go and pack my luggage to come home. My stuff fits fine but the DS’s will be difficult. I think she got more stuff than I did.
breakfast 2007 12 22Shooting Range 012
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