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My “vacation”

I took Monday through Thursday of this week off even though I don’t fly home until Friday. I had tonnes of vacation days I had to use or lose.
As I was snowed in at the DS’s all weekend, Monday morning was spent shovelling her walk and then shovelling my car out. The local plow had plowed all the snow behind my car even though it was legally parked. So there was a foot of snow on top of it and about two feet of snow piled around it. Then I went and finished my Christmas shopping.
While shopping, I got two calls from work. One was one of my analysts resigning and one was a scheduling inquiry. Then I went home and shovelled the snow off my driveway. There is a pile of snow in front of my house that is about shoulder high. And yes, I went to my physiotherapist in the afternoon.
Then you’ll be thrilled to know, I finished my christmas cards, did some more work and finally relaxed (about 8pm).
Tuesday, I got up and did some work, and then went to do more Christmas shopping (forgot my nephew) and mail my mother’s birthday package (yes, her birthday is in August), then I came home and did more work.
Then I went to the DS’s and primed the drywall in her basement until about 8:30pm. This morning, I drove home and worked and I will go back to the DS’s for more priming at 3pm. I’m hoping I’ll only have to do more work from home on Wednesday.
This is my vacation.
The good news is: while I was priming the drywall, the DS was upstairs working on other renos. One of the things she did was install a key hanger. This required drilling holes into the drywall, hammering in anchors and screwing the key hanger in. I taught her how to install anchors when we put in the blinds in the bedrooms last week. Now she can do it on her own without ANY help from me. I just taught her to fish. If this keeps up, she will be a reno queen and maybe I’ll be able to spend my vacation just doing work.
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