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I got a wheeler dealer.

There has been massive construction at the DS’s for that last couple of months. For the first week when the majority of the demolition was being done, there was a big dumpster in her driveway for the construction rubble. I’m sure her condo association was thrilled.
For the last few months, there has been no dumpster and all the construction rubble was on her front lawn. (Take that, Condo assoc!) We were told that if we got rid of it, we’d have to load up the DS’s van, drive it to the local dump  and pay to dump it. AND we’d have to do this at midnight because any other time would take forever due to line ups.
She called 1-800-got-junk to see how much it would cost to haul it away and it was too much. She called a number from the local community newspaper to get an estimate. They showed up and looked at the pile of rubble on her lawn while she was at work and said "it will cost $270".
The DS says, "too much" and hangs up.
They call her back immediately and say, "$175".
The DS says, "too much" and hangs up.
They call her back and say, "what did you have in mind?"
She replies, "$120". They hang up.
Then they call back and say, "OK. $120."
She asks when they’ll haul it away and they say, "in about 5 minutes".
She came home to a clean yard and I don’t have to load garbage to the dump at midnight.
I love this woman.
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