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Filthy liars.

Mississauga has a green bin system for organics. They give you a big green bin on wheels to put at the curb for pickup and a little bin to put in your kitchen. You put organic waste in the kitchen bin and then transfer to the big bin.
The best way to do this is to put a little bag in the kitchen bin and then when it’s full, take the kitchen bag and carry the organic waste to the big bin outside. Then you put a new little bag in the kitchen bin.
Now, the City says you have to use special bags for this – putting plastic bags in the organic bin defeats the purpose. So I’ve been buying the "biodegradable" kitchen organic bags and using that and have had no problems.
Last time I went grocery shopping, Glad was having a sale on their "green bags for organic kitchen bins" and so I bought them. They were pretty and green and worked very well. I filled about five up and tossed them all in the big bin for pickup.
Well, I found a sticker on my green bin saying they won’t pick up my organic waste because it’s not in a proper bag! Apparently, the Glad "green bags for organic waste" are plastic!
So not only do I have bags I can’t use and have to go buy more "proper" bags, I have to empty the current bags that have 3 weeks worth of organic, decomposing waste in them so the garbage guys will pick it up. Makes me just want to throw it in the regular garbage. Now that definitely defeats the purpose, no?
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  1. Miss
    November 22, 2007 at 12:14 pm

    hehehe I always admire your way with words 🙂
    They are truly bastids.
    I say you write a scathing letter to Glad!

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