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Sorry for not writing.

I can’t tell you how busy I’ve been. Work has been insane. I was in Phoenix from Sunday to Wednesday last week interviewing staff for that office. When home, I’ve been helping the DS with her renovations (as much as I can with my pooched back). Parade season for Christmas is also starting and I’m currently doing my laundry.
I was so swamped last Thursday that I had to book my dental appointment (which had already been postponed twice due to my crazy life) right before my osteo appointment. Then my dentist discovered two little cavities that had to be filled! I had no time for cavities! Luckily my dentist is very cooperative and a bit of a speed demon. He filled them both in less than 10 minutes. Of course, it helped that I didn’t get any freezing. Yeah baby – speed dental work is awesome.
My back has been miserable. My osteopath believes it’s degenerative disc disease (I researched it online and it’s neither degenerative nor a disease) but everyone I know thinks it’s a pinched nerve. I have a physiotherapy appointment tomorrow. We will find out. I have renos to continue and flags to twirl. No time for illness.
And I haven’t had a haircut in at least.. um.. I’d like to say three months but maybe it’s only been two. I almost got it cut today on my way home at the walk in place but there were people waiting and I had no time to wait.
Maybe I’ll write when I have more time… in 2009.
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