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Hug your delivery guy.

I used to wonder why the Saturday Toronto Star was always out of order. The middle section of paper was never in alphabetical order with the rest of the paper.
I helped the DS deliver her Saturday Toronto Stars this weekend and now I know why. The carriers have to insert the middle section (about 1.5 nches thick) into the main section (about 1 inch thick). Then they have to fold it in half and wrap a rubber band around it. THEN they have to deliver it. It’s a real bitch let me tell you.
We spent about 45 minutes assembling the paper and then 75 minutes actually delivering it.
Unlike the holiday Monday paper, which is wee, it’s also very hard to throw. If you don’t aim correctly, it’s heavy enough to knock over planters, plastic lawn chairs and small dogs. It also makes one heckova racket when it hits the screen door. Oops.
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