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3am is early.

The DS doesn’t sleep very long so she decided that hell, if she’s up anyway, she may as well get a paper route so she can get some extra cash and exercise. Fine. That’s very logical and ambitious and good financial planning. She gets up at 3am to pick up her papers at 4am all 235 of them are delivered by 6am. It’s very impressive and I’m happy she found something to occupy her early morning hours that also pays her and that isn’t prostitution.
Until this morning… holiday Monday morning when I got to help deliver papers. woo.
And that was just the thin holiday paper. I also get to help on Saturday when they are REALLY fat and have inserts. I’m going to have some really grumpy Saturdays coming up I think. Luckily, her sons have to help on Saturdays until they get bored of it. Then I get to take over.
Please pray that her sons LOVE delivering papers. Please.
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