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Confusion in Cobourg.

We did a Canada Day parade in Cobourg this year. Cobourg is a small Ontario town and we were very well received there. Many people came up to us as we were taking down the truck to thank us for coming and telling us they thought we were the best thing in the parade.
Then, one of our members saw this collection of photos online from the Cobourg parade: http://www.cobourginternet.com/photos.htm
Originally, there was a picture of our twirling group with the caption "The gays from Toronto entertain the crowd." Some our members were a little offended at being referred to as ‘the gays’. I wasn’t offended as I figured if they meant it in a mean way, they probably wouldn’t even have posted the picture in the first place.
I then went online to find the picture to show you all in my blog today only to find THEY TOOK THE PICTURE OFF THE SITE! So maybe they did mean it in an offensive way. Or someone else complained about the caption and they took it down to avoid further confrontation.
And to top it off, the organizers of the parade are now saying they never said they’d pay us for that performance and we’re having to strong arm them by showing them our contract and threatening legal action. They should be mailing us a cheque anytime now. And to punish them, we’re going to charge them double for our Christmas performance.
You should never piss off the gays.
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