Nothing lasts forever.

My winning streak is at an end. We played the last two games of the Kicks for Cancer tournament yesterday (in 32 dec heat!) and lost both. The first one was actually an excellent game – we only lost 1-0 and there were no tussles or rough play. Everyone was really friendly and the game was a lot of fun. That’s what recreational soccer should be about.
The second game was painful. We lost something like 6-0 maybe. It was just far too hot to keep track. No one should be allowed to play soccer in that kind of heat. I was wearing a 45 spf sunscreen and was still red on the nose when I got home.
There was also a woman in that second game who I don’t think was actually trying to score on me, I think she was just trying to hurt me. She nailed me with two blisteringly painful shots and I have huge bruises on the thighs to prove it. Normally, the ball does not bruise me (the ground, a cleat, a knee, yes – the ball, no).
We did have lovely sushi for lunch though.  
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