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I’m a successful peeler.

I’ve been having a rough week. Last night I had my last hockey game of the season. I stayed late at work and still had stuff to do when I got home and almost called to say I couldn’t make it. But it was the last game of the season and we were in the final for 1st place. And getting a substitute goalie at that late hour would have been difficult.  So I went.
On my way, I’m thinking about selling my goalie gear because I haven’t really enjoyed this season. It doesn’t really give me a lot of exercise (although I sweat like a demon in the gear) and I do so hate hauling and putting on the gear. Have I mentioned the gear?! Arg. I hate the gear. I figured if I sold the gear, I’d play forward or something next year where there was less gear, more exercise and if I couldn’t make a game, there were 5 other forwards to play for me.
We are the Orange team. That’s the name the league gave us. We were playing the Black team. They are the best team in the league. We are somewhere in the middle but had a great playoff round.
We beat them 2-0. It was terribly exciting. Our team played exceptionally well and I was exceptionally lucky. So we win! I’ve never been on a winning hockey team before.
Maybe I will play goal again next season.
<Footnote: At the beginning of the game, the team stands around the goalie and yells the team name while smacking their sticks on the ice. Yelling "Orange" never inspired us to greatness so we unofficially changed our name to "the orange peelers" and we yelled "peelers" instead. Hence the title of this blog…. you knew it’d fit in somewhere.>
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