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Flag twirling videos.

I was looking around YouTube before my hockey game last night and found two videos of recent parade performances.
This first one is at Rochester Pride. We are fairly in synch for this one. I’m the twirler in the front, closest to the passenger side of the truck. The DS is in the back on the same side. You’ll see her adorable little butt. We are doing "Pump It" and it’s last year’s routine so you may already have seen it.
This next one is from London Pride and is our new routine by Body Rockers. We aren’t as in synch but we do toss our flags. I’m in my usual position but don’t look for the DS as she didn’t make that parade (she was at the Hillside hippy festival with my exgf, Stella).
The guy filming this video had the opportunity to record our routine in its entirety because the truck had stopped and we weren’t moving. However, he apparently did not find us all that entertaining as he spent a good deal of the routine filming some guy in a yellow shirt dancing. Maybe the guy in the yellow shirt should get the free VIA tickets to Ottawa Pride…
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  1. Miss
    August 8, 2007 at 12:25 pm

    Ooo look at you go!!! 

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