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August 30, 2007 1 comment
My Outlook calendare on my work computer gave me a reminder today. It says:
"Remind about cheerios"
I have no idea what this means. I don’t even eat Cheerios.
If you know why I set this reminder, please email me.
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You asked for it.

August 28, 2007 Leave a comment
When I said that ROTC was going to perform at the Church Street Fetish Fair and that we would be wearing fetish wear, many people asked for pictures.
Here they are.
I am not wearing my chaps because it was too frickin’ hot to twirl in black leather chaps and jeans and NO, i’m not going to wear my chaps without jeans. I’m not that kind of dyke.
Sadly, there are no close ups of Mac in his gladiator kilt because he was commando underneath.
Also sadly, the DS couldn’t attend so there are no pics of her in her leather corset. You’ll have to wait for next year kids. 
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August 23, 2007 1 comment
As many of you know, since I moved to Toronto I have been trying to find more friends. Friends like Andrew and J&C who I had in Edmonton. I saw them at least once week and it didn’t even have to be to do anything – we could just chat or watch TV.
Most of my friends here in Toronto are exgirlfriends, which is fine, but they aren’t as available as Andrew and J&C.
So I’ve been trying to find queer women to hang out with and whom I haven’t dated. It’s harder than it sounds. I’ve been trying for probably 4 years.
Anyway, about a month ago, I was exchanging emails with a woman from Halifax. I didn’t think she’d be a close friend I could watch TV with (because she’s in Halifax), but she was very intelligent, wrote entertaining emails and we seemed to have an easy and interesting email exchange going. The whole time I was perfectly clear that I was only looking for something platonic.
Things were going well and I was enjoying our email exchanges until she mentioned that she had "a bunch of dogs and a cat". I replied something flippantly that essentially stated that I was the worst lesbian ever because I hated dogs. And then I added that I did experience pug love in the park the other day (with Doug & Darcy – the two adorable pugs you may have seen in the village with their gay boy owners – oddly I don’t know the owners’ names). I love pugs.
She replied that she was having difficulty with the fact I hated dogs, and eventually admitted that despite the distance between us and my complicated arrangement with the DS, she was hoping to date me. And apparently because she couldn’t date me and because I am not a dog lover, I have not heard back from her since.
I’ve asked people what they thought of this. I can see dog lovers not wanting to date me. but J&C have five or six (or are they up to seven) dogs and they value my friendship. A few people have responded with "well, hate is a strong word and they are likely fearing you abuse dogs".
You know, that’s probably true and valid and you can bet I’ll never use "hate" again. However, I will also assert this: I bet if I had said "I hate snakes", no one would care. That’s giving dogs preferential treatment and is discriminatory against other critters of the world.
Additionally, I’m willing to bet that if I said that I hate cats, that wouldn’t have caused huge problems either. There are several people in the world who are avowed cat haters. Somehow, it’s ok to hate the ‘aloof’ creature that is cat but not to hate the dopey simpleton that is dog.

All better.

August 20, 2007 Leave a comment
Thanks to Delly Bean, I have found a text twist that works with Vista. I actually bought it because:
a) ’tis cheap.
b) they are giving me a CD too so I can install it on another computer (so I can play it on my work computer on business trips when I’m bored in the hotel.
c) I can play the seven letter word version so that may even improve my scrabble skills! Anything that improves my scrabble skills is ok with me. 
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Vista is STILL causing me grief.

August 18, 2007 2 comments
My favourite free online game is Text Twist. I love it. Stella and I used to play for hours together.
I went to play it today and guess what? Damn thing won’t work with Vista. This new operating system is REALLY pissing me off. First I couldn’t take advantage of a brand new free Creative Zen Micro (5GB MP3 player), now I can’t play Text Twist.
Damned Microsoft bastards. 
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Soccer pic.

August 15, 2007 Leave a comment
I played on an indoor soccer team this past winter (when I wasn’t in Phoenix and the games started before 10pm). We actually won! 
The league publishes pics of the winning teams on their website (it takes a while but it happens) and I’ve put it here for your viewing pleasure. And because I know how disappointed you all are that we lost the Kicks for Cancer thing.

Nothing lasts forever.

August 12, 2007 Leave a comment
My winning streak is at an end. We played the last two games of the Kicks for Cancer tournament yesterday (in 32 dec heat!) and lost both. The first one was actually an excellent game – we only lost 1-0 and there were no tussles or rough play. Everyone was really friendly and the game was a lot of fun. That’s what recreational soccer should be about.
The second game was painful. We lost something like 6-0 maybe. It was just far too hot to keep track. No one should be allowed to play soccer in that kind of heat. I was wearing a 45 spf sunscreen and was still red on the nose when I got home.
There was also a woman in that second game who I don’t think was actually trying to score on me, I think she was just trying to hurt me. She nailed me with two blisteringly painful shots and I have huge bruises on the thighs to prove it. Normally, the ball does not bruise me (the ground, a cleat, a knee, yes – the ball, no).
We did have lovely sushi for lunch though.