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London Pride (and that’s London, ON).

Yesterday we performed at London Pride. Members of our group who had marched at London Pride in previous years, warned us that it would be another Rochester Pride experience (ie: lots of religious right on the sidelines being piously judgemental).
As it turns out, there were only two groups (and very thinly populated groups at that) on the route. One set held the usual "Homosexuality is a SIN" type signs, however, the other group was rather bizarre. One of their signs said "Just say no to gerbils!" and another said "Thank you for not procreating!".
For the record, I know lots of gay people and none have gerbils (for any reason) and about half the gay people I know have actually procreated so these protestors are terribly uninformed. And kind of weird.
The good news is there were Anglican ministers and parishoners marching behind us so although crazy straight zealots were protesting us, we can honestly say we had the church behind us! 
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