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A reputation I’d never thought I’d have.

I have ball hockey on Thursdays in the summer. I’m the goalie and the only one with goalie gear, so it’s essential I show up. If I know I can’t make it, I call the league organizer and she calls a goalie from another team to sub for me.
Normally, I need a sub for one game a season. Since work this year has been crazy busy, this hasn’t been the case.
I’ve missed three games due to trips to Phoenix. This is not too bad though, because I know I’m going to Phoenix and can arrange a sub.
Unfortunately, I also was late for three games. I was late because I wound up staying late at work unexpectedly. My games were at 8pm and I work 15 minutes from the arena so that tells you how crazy work is.
Anyway, one game, I showed up with 5 minutes left in the game and the other two, I missed the first 10 minutes of the game. So for those times, my team was playing without a goalie (and oddly, doing fairly well despite that).
Also, because things have been crazy, I sometimes don’t have all my gear with me. I had to borrow shoes for one game and the next game, I couldn’t find my shirt so I played topless… well, relatively topless – I had my chest protector on. That game went really well though so I’m thinking I should play without my pants next week…
So due to the fact that I’ve been tardy (and unclothed), I’ve been wondering if my team is questioning my reliability. Last night, it was confirmed.
I showed up, got dressed and was the first one ready so I left the change room and watched the game being played before us. As I watched, the rest of my team was showing up and one of them said, "We must really be late – Sonya’s already dressed."
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