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Da plane! Da plane!

The DS and I got tattoos, and no, they weren’t matching. It took about 3 hours for both of us (mine took longer than hers though) and we are currently in the peeling stage of tattoo recovery.
Our artist was excellent – talented AND fun. Her name is Lizzy and she works at Passages on Church St. If you’re looking for a tattoo, go see her. Passages also guarantees their tattoos for a year so you can get a touch up anytime within that year for free. Good deal.
The DS got a horse because (a) she’s year of the horse in Chinese horoscope and (b) she used to ride (horses). She was looking for a good image of a horse and found one on the Canadian year of the horse stamp several years ago. She got the position of the horse altered, but the style is the same.
I got a tribal armband with the pride colours embedded. Lizzy designed it. I had no design in mind. But I did want the pride colours (just when you thought I couldn’t get any gayer…)
We love them even though it was really difficult to keep them out of the sun during the two Canada Day parades we did on Sunday. The DS’s could be covered by her shirt but since our shirts are sleeveless, I had to duct tape a cloth over mine. And yes, I used duct tape. I’m a tough, tattooed dyke.
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