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London Pride (and that’s London, ON).

July 30, 2007 Leave a comment
Yesterday we performed at London Pride. Members of our group who had marched at London Pride in previous years, warned us that it would be another Rochester Pride experience (ie: lots of religious right on the sidelines being piously judgemental).
As it turns out, there were only two groups (and very thinly populated groups at that) on the route. One set held the usual "Homosexuality is a SIN" type signs, however, the other group was rather bizarre. One of their signs said "Just say no to gerbils!" and another said "Thank you for not procreating!".
For the record, I know lots of gay people and none have gerbils (for any reason) and about half the gay people I know have actually procreated so these protestors are terribly uninformed. And kind of weird.
The good news is there were Anglican ministers and parishoners marching behind us so although crazy straight zealots were protesting us, we can honestly say we had the church behind us! 
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A reputation I’d never thought I’d have.

July 27, 2007 Leave a comment
I have ball hockey on Thursdays in the summer. I’m the goalie and the only one with goalie gear, so it’s essential I show up. If I know I can’t make it, I call the league organizer and she calls a goalie from another team to sub for me.
Normally, I need a sub for one game a season. Since work this year has been crazy busy, this hasn’t been the case.
I’ve missed three games due to trips to Phoenix. This is not too bad though, because I know I’m going to Phoenix and can arrange a sub.
Unfortunately, I also was late for three games. I was late because I wound up staying late at work unexpectedly. My games were at 8pm and I work 15 minutes from the arena so that tells you how crazy work is.
Anyway, one game, I showed up with 5 minutes left in the game and the other two, I missed the first 10 minutes of the game. So for those times, my team was playing without a goalie (and oddly, doing fairly well despite that).
Also, because things have been crazy, I sometimes don’t have all my gear with me. I had to borrow shoes for one game and the next game, I couldn’t find my shirt so I played topless… well, relatively topless – I had my chest protector on. That game went really well though so I’m thinking I should play without my pants next week…
So due to the fact that I’ve been tardy (and unclothed), I’ve been wondering if my team is questioning my reliability. Last night, it was confirmed.
I showed up, got dressed and was the first one ready so I left the change room and watched the game being played before us. As I watched, the rest of my team was showing up and one of them said, "We must really be late – Sonya’s already dressed."

Ok – Shopping isn’t as easy as I thought…

July 17, 2007 3 comments
Three of the shirts I bought are v-neck but from the same manufacturer and same style – just v-neck instead of crew. Apparently the v-neck shirts aren’t sized the same way so they don’t fit as well as the crew neck ones. And the red one is sized completely different.
It’s very annoying.
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Shopping is easy… sometimes.

July 16, 2007 Leave a comment
I went to WalMart to pick up a few things. Whenever I’m in WalMart, I go look to see what kind of shirts they have. This time, they had nice t shirts that were 5% lycra so they were springy. I like springy shirts. And they were only $9.97. That’s good.
I bought two. One in a rusty orange and one in a muted green. (Don’t know what the colour is called.)
I absolutely love these t-shirts. They feel great. And I’ve received some compliments on them (especially the orange because it’s not a colour people normally see me in.)
More importantly, the DS likes them.
So today, I had to buy potting soil for the DS so she could start her herb garden so I returned to WalMart.
I bought seven more shirts. One in every colour that I liked. I’m so happy. I can get rid of a number of my ragged shirts now. Now if I could only find more pants this way…
<Aside: I also had to return an item to Canadian Tire and another to Future Shop. I was called "sir" four times in that time. Sigh.>
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Squatting at Pride

July 11, 2007 2 comments
OK – I forgot to mention this when talking about the Toronto Pride experience:
Those of you who know me well, know that I can’t pee in the bush. I need a fully equipped bathroom with toilet, minimally I need an outhouse. The bottom line is that I need to sit on something as I can’t squat in the bush without making a mess of things. Consequently, I have not peed in the bushes since I was about 6. If I did, I’d have to remove all clothing below the waist.
When you participate in the Toronto Pride Parade, you have to set up your vehicle on this long road north of Church St. There are no houses, no businesses, no public restrooms. It’s a long long road in a bit of a valley, surrounded by trees, bush and other parade participants.
The Toronto Pride committee does set up two portapotties halfway up the road. There are 160 vehicles setting up (most have more than 10 people associated with them). So that’s about 1600 people using two johns. Queer folk are not known for their organizational skills. (I’m a rarity.)
And did I mention it takes 20 minutes to walk to them from where our truck was positioned?
Consequently, I didn’t have time to use them when we set up on Sunday. I had to finally pee "in the bush".
The DS generously offered to stand in front of me to hold my discarded clothing and to block the view of my naked bum from would-be spectators. And she had kleenex so I even had tp!
Since I’m such an adventurous soul (stop laughing – it’s true usually!), I decided I’d bite the bullet and pee in the bush.
All went well until it was time to put my clothes back on. The DS decided to have some fun and started twirling my undies over her head like a drunk frat boy while I squatted below the treeline, hoping I wasn’t touching poison ivy or snakes.
Cursed woman.
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A warning for you.

July 7, 2007 Leave a comment
The DS and I had a garage sale on the last Saturday in June. I was getting a lot of advice about my religious practices at this garage sale but the one I thought may be important enough to pass on was "when the New World Order comes, there won’t be any currency". <Note: I inserted the capital letters in that on my own – it sounded like it should be capitalized.>
So prepare yourself.
There won’t be electricity either apparently. The woman bought all my candles.
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Da plane! Da plane!

July 2, 2007 Leave a comment
The DS and I got tattoos, and no, they weren’t matching. It took about 3 hours for both of us (mine took longer than hers though) and we are currently in the peeling stage of tattoo recovery.
Our artist was excellent – talented AND fun. Her name is Lizzy and she works at Passages on Church St. If you’re looking for a tattoo, go see her. Passages also guarantees their tattoos for a year so you can get a touch up anytime within that year for free. Good deal.
The DS got a horse because (a) she’s year of the horse in Chinese horoscope and (b) she used to ride (horses). She was looking for a good image of a horse and found one on the Canadian year of the horse stamp several years ago. She got the position of the horse altered, but the style is the same.
I got a tribal armband with the pride colours embedded. Lizzy designed it. I had no design in mind. But I did want the pride colours (just when you thought I couldn’t get any gayer…)
We love them even though it was really difficult to keep them out of the sun during the two Canada Day parades we did on Sunday. The DS’s could be covered by her shirt but since our shirts are sleeveless, I had to duct tape a cloth over mine. And yes, I used duct tape. I’m a tough, tattooed dyke.
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