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She suckered me in with the steak dinner.

The DS has been in the process of moving since June 15th. She has her old place until the end of the month so there hasn’t been any particular sense of urgency.
The majority of the stuff was moved by movers a couple of weeks ago and all we had left was to take the remaining odds and ends (maybe two van loads worth) and move them to her new place, move some of her stuff to my place, move some of her sons’ stuff to her ex-husband’s, move stuff from my place to her old place where we are having a joint garage sale on Saturday, June 30 and then haul anything left over after that to Value Village. Easy. Sort of. (Note: I’ve been seeing my chiropractor regularly this week…)
Then her landlady called her Wednesday morning telling her that she had hired people to put carpet in the bedroom and a cleaning lady – all coming in Friday morning. Consequently, the DS had to be out by Friday morning – two full days earlier than planned. Not legal, no, but what can you do?
Wednesday night, we pack up her remaining stuff and take a load to her new place.
Thursday night, we planned on finishing everything up. I was driving to her place after work and she calls asking if I wanted her to make me a steak dinner. Of course I did. What kind of question is that?
I came home and she had made a beautiful steak and salad dinner. (She even bought $30 cuts of meat for the steaks – and that’s for both steaks, not each in case you were wondering.) They were magnificant. Then she said we would nap before going back out to move more stuff (we were completely exhausted). Nice. I needed a nap.
I go nap, she starts to putter around the house. She joins me at 10pm. That’s pretty late and doesn’t leave a lot of time to move the rest of her stuff before morning, but because I’m asleep, I don’t notice.
At 3am she wakes me up in a panic. We had to finish moving her. So at 3am, we drive back to her old apartment and finish moving her. Everything for her sons and the garage sale and Value Village was stacked in the garage.
At 8am, I’m back in my chiro’s office.
We still have to haul the stuff from my place, set up for the garage sale and haul stuff to her ex-husband’s place. Then of course, Value Village.
Follow that with two Canada Day parades.
We don’t currently have plans for holiday Monday, but I’m sure it will involve getting up at some ungodly hour and lifting something heavy.
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