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Longer Pride update.

According to the Toronto Star:
  • $99.1 million dollars – the economic benefit to Toronto
  • 5,000 people marched in the parade (we were two!)
  • 1 million – estimated attendance for the weeklong festival (we were two and attended several days so I don’t know if they count us as two or two for every day we showed up – and there were some days we showed up more than once!)
  • 120,000 – number of condoms distributed by Trojan (we only took four)
See, I did research for you. How awesome is that?
We had a great time. Saw most of our friends (but not all). The DS now lives in the gaybourhood so it was really convenient for the Pride season. We partied until we couldn’t do it anymore, went to her place to shower and nap, then went out again. Except Sunday after the parade – then we just showered and napped.
The parade was a lot of fun. I learned two lessons:
1. You may THINK you’ve walked by the cameraman without hitting him with your flag, but sometimes they back up into you without looking and you still end up hitting them… oops
2. 32 deg C is FAR too warm to be twirling a flag. In fact, many moons ago, when my friend, Heidi-ho found out I was in "twirling", she mocked me. No matter how hard I told her twirling was, she insisted it was a girly, wimpy thing to do. She came out to Pride on Sunday and saw us in the parade. She has changed her tune. She has a new respect for us. She concedes it’s for tough nuts only. I’m at least a nut.
A co-worker took two videos (her camera only films 30 seconds at a time so she recorded twice). The first one has about 10-15 seconds of sky and building at the beginning because she’s trying to get my attention (and she did – but missed the video), but the rest is all twirling footage. I am the twirler closest to the truck on the passenger side. You’ll only see my back. But it’s actually pretty good footage.
Unfortunately, I can’t attach them because they want the code and the ‘help’ function from Microsoft apparently hasn’t been updated to include how to attach videos. So if you want to see them, let me know and I’ll email them to you or someday when I have enough time, I’ll upload them to YouTube and attach a link for you.
When I get photos, I’ll stick those in here too.
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