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Even my telephone solicitors are pigs.

I’m working industriously away, trying to rip my CD collection onto my new computer. Normally, this wouldn’t take too long but the DS works at a music industry giant and has brought home over 30 CDs for me. (I love women who get me free CDs… or sandwiches… or just naked women – they don’t even have to get me anything…)
ANyway, while I’m working, the phone rings. The woman on the other end says, "Hi, I’m conducting a survey. I would like to play parts of songs for you and get your opinion."
Ooh – that sounds like fun. Like "Name that Tune".
She asks me, "How old are you?"
I reply, "36."
She says, "Is there anyone in your household between the ages of 25 and 39?"
I reply, "Yes, me."
She pauses uncertainly and then says, "Between 25 and 39…"
I say, "Yes, I’m 36."
"Oh," she replies, "We need males between 25 and 39 or females between 25 and 29."
I say, "How typical of society – always wanting younger women."
She pauses uncertainly, thanks me for my time and hangs up.
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