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Running motivation.

The DS and I went ‘jogging’ the other Saturday. She was good at it, but as you all know, I’m not a jogger and I sucked. She would tell me to run to the second lamp post and then walk to the one after that. Then we’d keep repeating this process to fool me into thinking I was just walking with an occasional jog. And sometimes, she would even provide some incentive by running in front of me and flashing me (we were in the industrial area by my house so there were no people there besides us). It took us about an hour to go 5.2 km.
Our accountant says he runs 5km a day and it takes him 25 minutes.
This worries me. What if I’m being chased (by someone like the DS’s exwife, for example)? I won’t be able to outrun them!
So I must learn to jog. That is my new goal.
And I think the motivation may even work. Similar motivations I’ve used in the past included:
motorcycle lessons: i saw a lot of movies with people like indiana jones running from nazis. then he comes across an abandoned motorcycle in the field and speeds away on it. so i needed to know how to drive a motorcycles in case i was being chased by nazis.
laser eye surgery: i read a book where a woman was transported 200 years into the past. if that happened to me while i was wearing my contacts, i’d be pooched when they dried out. alternately, if there was WWIII and i was interned in a concentration camp or there was confusion in the explosions, my glasses could break and i wouldn’t have access to my optician. you have to be prepared for these things.
So really – using a threatening exwife as an excuse to learn to jog should be adequate motivation, no?
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