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She suckered me in with the steak dinner.

June 29, 2007 Leave a comment
The DS has been in the process of moving since June 15th. She has her old place until the end of the month so there hasn’t been any particular sense of urgency.
The majority of the stuff was moved by movers a couple of weeks ago and all we had left was to take the remaining odds and ends (maybe two van loads worth) and move them to her new place, move some of her stuff to my place, move some of her sons’ stuff to her ex-husband’s, move stuff from my place to her old place where we are having a joint garage sale on Saturday, June 30 and then haul anything left over after that to Value Village. Easy. Sort of. (Note: I’ve been seeing my chiropractor regularly this week…)
Then her landlady called her Wednesday morning telling her that she had hired people to put carpet in the bedroom and a cleaning lady – all coming in Friday morning. Consequently, the DS had to be out by Friday morning – two full days earlier than planned. Not legal, no, but what can you do?
Wednesday night, we pack up her remaining stuff and take a load to her new place.
Thursday night, we planned on finishing everything up. I was driving to her place after work and she calls asking if I wanted her to make me a steak dinner. Of course I did. What kind of question is that?
I came home and she had made a beautiful steak and salad dinner. (She even bought $30 cuts of meat for the steaks – and that’s for both steaks, not each in case you were wondering.) They were magnificant. Then she said we would nap before going back out to move more stuff (we were completely exhausted). Nice. I needed a nap.
I go nap, she starts to putter around the house. She joins me at 10pm. That’s pretty late and doesn’t leave a lot of time to move the rest of her stuff before morning, but because I’m asleep, I don’t notice.
At 3am she wakes me up in a panic. We had to finish moving her. So at 3am, we drive back to her old apartment and finish moving her. Everything for her sons and the garage sale and Value Village was stacked in the garage.
At 8am, I’m back in my chiro’s office.
We still have to haul the stuff from my place, set up for the garage sale and haul stuff to her ex-husband’s place. Then of course, Value Village.
Follow that with two Canada Day parades.
We don’t currently have plans for holiday Monday, but I’m sure it will involve getting up at some ungodly hour and lifting something heavy.
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Longer Pride update.

June 26, 2007 Leave a comment
According to the Toronto Star:
  • $99.1 million dollars – the economic benefit to Toronto
  • 5,000 people marched in the parade (we were two!)
  • 1 million – estimated attendance for the weeklong festival (we were two and attended several days so I don’t know if they count us as two or two for every day we showed up – and there were some days we showed up more than once!)
  • 120,000 – number of condoms distributed by Trojan (we only took four)
See, I did research for you. How awesome is that?
We had a great time. Saw most of our friends (but not all). The DS now lives in the gaybourhood so it was really convenient for the Pride season. We partied until we couldn’t do it anymore, went to her place to shower and nap, then went out again. Except Sunday after the parade – then we just showered and napped.
The parade was a lot of fun. I learned two lessons:
1. You may THINK you’ve walked by the cameraman without hitting him with your flag, but sometimes they back up into you without looking and you still end up hitting them… oops
2. 32 deg C is FAR too warm to be twirling a flag. In fact, many moons ago, when my friend, Heidi-ho found out I was in "twirling", she mocked me. No matter how hard I told her twirling was, she insisted it was a girly, wimpy thing to do. She came out to Pride on Sunday and saw us in the parade. She has changed her tune. She has a new respect for us. She concedes it’s for tough nuts only. I’m at least a nut.
A co-worker took two videos (her camera only films 30 seconds at a time so she recorded twice). The first one has about 10-15 seconds of sky and building at the beginning because she’s trying to get my attention (and she did – but missed the video), but the rest is all twirling footage. I am the twirler closest to the truck on the passenger side. You’ll only see my back. But it’s actually pretty good footage.
Unfortunately, I can’t attach them because they want the code and the ‘help’ function from Microsoft apparently hasn’t been updated to include how to attach videos. So if you want to see them, let me know and I’ll email them to you or someday when I have enough time, I’ll upload them to YouTube and attach a link for you.
When I get photos, I’ll stick those in here too.
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Quick Pride update:

June 25, 2007 Leave a comment
I’m very busy at work so I won’t be able to share tales of Toronto Pride just yet. I’ll get to it next week at the latest (we’re also busy this coming weekend with two Canada Day parades).
And to anyone who was expecting us to come out Sunday night, our humblest apologies. We got home after the parade to shower and change and took a nap. The "nap" last until 6am this morning.
We’re getting old, I know.
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Maybe her notch isn’t as old as we thought.

June 20, 2007 Leave a comment
We attended the Cyndi Lauper True Colours concert yesterday at the Molson Amphitheatre (more on that when I have more time).
The DS got carded at the beer station.
She wasn’t carrying I.D. so I had to buy her beer for her. he he.
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We were bad.

June 19, 2007 Leave a comment
We spent this weekend at the DS’s parents place in Ancaster. On the way home, we passed by the DS’s old haunt – a fast food restaurant called "Tally Ho". She spent a good portion of her teen/young adult life there. She insisted we stop there for lunch.
My fitness-obsessed Drill Sergeant ordered us two double beef sandwiches (that come with sliced roast beef AND GRAVY on a white hamburger bun) and an order of fries WITH GRAVY.
I normally only have gravy at Christmas.
This was the best fast food I’ve ever had. I want to go back, but I cannot because I know it’s so bad.
Sigh…. evil temptress indeed.

She’s just an old notch on a young belt.

June 17, 2007 Leave a comment
We had our first parade of the season yesterday: Pride Hamilton. Or maybe it was Hamilton Pride. Either way, it was very small. They didn’t even close the whole road – just one direction of traffic so in most spots where people had parked in the right lane, we were marching in the left lane with oncoming traffic in the adjacent lane to where we marched.
As the temperature as a hot 20-something, we were drinking a lot of water on the parade route and sucking back some ice chunks every time we had a break in the routine.
Now, for one of the two routines, we all have a partner marching beside us. My partner is Jerry an older, more experienced twirler. The DS is partnered with a younger newcomer to ROTC, let’s call her "E". E and her partner, K, joined this season. They are both 25 and married to each other. It’s all very cute, says me, the cynical oldtimer.
At some point during the parade, the DS had an ice chip in her mouth and E decided she was so hot and dehydrated, she really had to have that ice chip. The DS positioned it halfway out of her mouth and when E took it out of her mouth, their lips touched.
After the parade, E asked the DS exactly how old she was. She did NOT want to know because she was so impressed that the DS was in such great shape and outmarched the two members who had to stop twirling before the parade was over because they didn’t have the stamina to complete the 3.3 km route. She wanted to know because she wanted to confirm that the DS was, in fact, the oldest woman that E had ever "kissed".
Although I was rolling my eyes at what the youngster thought constituted a "kiss", I was laughing pretty hard that the DS had the dubious honour of being "oldest woman kissed".
I told E’s partner, K, that she could also "kiss" my woman if she too wanted an old woman on her list of conquests. She wisely declined.
And normally, you’d think I’d be afraid of getting in trouble for blogging about the DS’s advanced age, but I’m not. What can she say? She’s so tuckered out from the weekend’s activity, she’s napping. Poor old lady.
Now I must go and get a glass to put her teeth in…
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Hot in the hot tub.

June 14, 2007 Leave a comment
I’m in Phoenix. It’s 110 deg American here (that’s 43 deg Canadian).
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