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Third blog today!

I know I’ve blogged three times today. Maybe I should ration them out?
Anyway, the DS started her new job last week. The woman who had the desk before her left a Creative Zen Micro MP3 player in it. The MP3 player was a gift from the company (all employees seem to have gotten one). They told the DS she could have it.
The DS already has an MP3 player that she quite likes so she asked if I wanted this one. As it turns out, I was looking into getting that exact brand for myself so a free one is awesome! As you know, I rather like free.
The problem came when I went to install the software on my computer. It’s not compatible with Vista (of course!) and there is no update to the software that allows it to be compatible. So I can’t use it.
How long has Vista been out? What kind of company doesn’t upgrade their software to be compatible with the newest Microsoft Operating System? That seems like a bad business decision.
I will keep searching. Surely there’s a patch somewhere that will solve this problem. If not, I will be calling Bill Gates.
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  1. Miss
    May 24, 2007 at 9:03 am

    Oh no! Let me know how you fair, because I have Vista too & I\’ve been hoping to get an MP3 player myself…

  2. S
    May 24, 2007 at 1:48 pm

    i went to the creative website and they have a new mp3 player that is ok with vista. it\’s just the zen micros that ppl already own that aren\’t compatible. and their message board on the matter has a lot of angry micro owners telling creative to fix the problem and the creative tech support guy is essentially saying that there\’s nothing they can do. so the micro owners are all throwing out their micros and are buying non-creative products. i\’m surprised creative is handling this so poorly. they will lose a lot of their clients this way. since they can\’t fix the issue, you\’d think they\’d at least offer a $100 credit for anyone who wants to trade in their micro for something new that IS vista compatible.

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