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Only in Oakville.

After boxing, the DS, me and our boxing instructor went for samosas and starbucks.
On the way back, I had to fill up with gasoline. I normally fill up at ESSO because I have a speedpass, so I searched out the nearest ESSO and pulled up to a pump.
Apparently Oakville does not have speedpass capability. Nor do they have credit card pumps. You actually have to go into the station and pay the cashier. This is absolutely archaic. They have no right to charge $1.04 a litre.
And to add insult to injury:
I was wearing my soccer shorts (which go down to mid thigh), my oldtimers tournament t-shirt and my Kappa baseball cap (on backwards). I normally don’t wear a ball cap, but I hadn’t showered that morning and boxing certainly didn’t help the hair situation.
Anyway, I was looking my dykiest. I don’t even think I’ve ever looked dykier.
So as I’m pumping, I hear a man’s voice sing "who wears short shorts?". I ignore it because:
a. I’m not wearing short shorts.
b. I don’t know anyone in Oakville.
But whoever was saying it, just kept saying it. Finally, the voice got a lot closer and a lot louder, so I turned around to look. It was two guys in a low rider car, windows open with the passenger leaning out and smiling at me (not in a mocking or threatening way, just in a ‘hi! aren’t we friendly and entertaining’ way). So I kind of smile back in a polite way and they drive away.
The DS believes they were hitting on me. These were two head banger, late 30’s or early 40’s, triangle haircut and scruffy beard types. Could they have been hitting on me? And what if the DS had followed through on her desire to jump out of the car and yell at them for ‘hitting on her woman’? Could the DS and my boxing instructor have taken down the head banger guys? I’m willing to say yes.
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