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Space, the final frontier…

Since the DS and I started dating (yet again…), she has gradually been adding things of hers to my house. Currently, she occupies half a closet in my bedroom (I bought an organizing system for her half) and half the front foyer closet. She has a full dresser (three drawers) and space in my shower, behind the door of the ensuite bathroom, some of the guest bathroom and a bit of the medicine cabinet in the ensuite.
When she stays over at my place, she has her choice of breakfasts in the morning including juice from the juicer and although she never usually has breakfast (she usually just has juice), she ALWAYS has tea to take with her. Then I pack her a beautiful lunch, which normally consists of a salad, yoghurt, carrots and a fruit (and occasionally a treat).
Last night, I stayed at the DS’s place. I have 6" of medicine cabinet space (out of 80" available) and that’s it. I can fit my Secret, my toothbrush and some hair product on it.
And when I got up to leave this morning, she told me to get breakfast at the Tim Horton’s at the end of the block. And she has no food in her house so I also have to scrounge lunch today.
This is so not right.
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