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My security company seems a little unsecure…

Two Saturdays ago, the DS and I were relaxing in my home. Then my alarm system started beeping. LOUDLY.
Then my alarm monitoring company called to find out why my alarm system was beeping. Apparently, the battery was low and I had to replace it.
This was unexpected. In all the times I’ve lived in  a house with an alarm system, I never replaced a battery in it. In fact, I rather thought it was powered by my electrical system and the battery (if one existed) was only for backup.
Anyway, it was beeping because it had a low battery. The technician who called told me that I could at least stop the beeping by pressing the pound key. I did that and the beeping stopped. Then the technician informed me that I would have to do that every four hours until the battery was replaced.
As I was hoping to sleep through the night, I had to go get a new battery. The technician tells me its a 12V 4 Amp battery and I can get them at Radio Shack. I’m sure I can, EXCEPT WHEN IT’S 8:00 PM ON A SATURDAY NIGHT!
I tried Walmart (open until 9pm) and they had all sizes up to 9V and then went straight to motorcycle batteries. Shopper’s Drug Mart had nothing useful unless you wanted a battery for your camera or vibrator. Canadian Tire and Home Depot were closed. Best Buy had nothing.
Thankfully, the alarm did not resume its beeping every four hours as the technician forecasted – it just died.
So now I figure I have time to get the battery at my convenience. I decide to open the alarm panel in the basement to ensure the technician was correct about the battery size. The alarm panel is locked. I do not have a key.  How am I to change the battery without a key to open the panel?
I call the monitoring company. I say I don’t have a key. She asks if I looked on top of the alarm panel. Well, um, no. That seems like a silly place to put the key. Then she said that if it wasn’t there, I could pull the front off the panel with a screwdriver. If I can pull the door off by unscrewing it, why even bother putting a lock on it!?
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