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Poor dental timing.

My gum on the outside of my lower right jaw has been hurting for about a week now. Originally, when it started hurting, I thought it must be a little cankor sore or something and figured it would go away.
Obviously, it hasn’t gone away and it’s actually gotten worse.
So I called my dentist today to see if he could fix it. My dentist is at some dental conference here in Toronto. So I called a different dentist. And the emergency dentist hotline. There are no dentists available because they are all at this conference. No dentists in Ontario until Monday. My dentist is not actually available until Tuesday (apparently he parties hard at these conferences).
This is terribly inconvenient for me. I need dental assistance, dammit!
I’m going to teach them a lesson. When the AWWA conference is in Toronto in June, there will be no pipeline inspectors available. So there!
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