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Wastewater Road Trip – the actual blog.

Co-worker A and I have been planning the Wastewater Road Trip for about a week, maybe two. This was our planned itinerary:
Tuesday 12:30 pm – Leave work for London, ON in the rental car.
2:30 pm – Arrive in London and wander the WEAO (Water Environment Assoc of Ontario) Exhibits at the WEAO Conference. According to the webpage, the exhibits would be open until 7pm. Also meet with Rhonda, our Texan mentor in the water/wastewater industry.
5:00 pm – Have dinner, buy the DS socks (whenever I travel on business, I have to buy the DS socks), do some work in our hotel room while relaxing.
Wednesday morning- Drive to Muskegon, MI (5 hours from London) with Rhonda.
Wednesday afternoon – Supervise an inspection our company is doing there.
Wednesday evening – Buy socks and do some work in the hotel room.
Thursday am – Drive back to work (7 hours).
It didn’t quite happen that way:
Tuesday morning – Find out that one of our sales guys registered us for the Conference Banquet so we could meet some people in the business. Very thoughtful, but Co-worker A and I did not pack any business attire. When you’re going to a wastewater inspection, you don’t need dress shoes.
2:30 pm – Drive to London with severe wardrobe anxiety.
4:30 pm – Arrive London and walk to conference centre from hotel. And the exhibits closed at 4pm. We missed them.
5:00 pm – Meet with Rhonda and our sales guy. Dinner was at least two hours away and we hadn’t eaten since noon. No problem. Sales guy buys us beer and brings us a glass of bar nuts.
7:00 pm – Banquet and two more free beers. And lots of "building relationships" (schmoozing).
10:00 pm – Sales guy tells us the key to forming good relationships is attending these mixers until 2am and asks us if we are up to the challenge.
10:30 pm – Sales guy goes to bed.
11:30 pm – Co-worker A and I are dead on our feet and can’t make conversation anymore even though we meet interesting people. We go back to the hotel. I call the DS. She admonishes me for my carb- and beer-filled day.
1:00 am – Rhonda, the mentor, leaves the party. She’s an experienced conference attendee. We are informed that Mel from Brockville went all night.
Wednesday 7:30 am – Drive to Muskegon.
12:30 – Arrive in Muskegon. Guys have just finished their morning inspection and packed up for lunch so we go for lunch with them.
1:30 – Utility is not ready for our guys to do another survey today so they do some equipment maintenance. Nothing to see here folks. We drive back to Toronto.
11:15 pm – Arrive at home.
Essentially, we drove to Muskegon and back (14 hrs) for lunch. But as I’ve learned, it’s never a waste so long as you learn something. Here’s what I learned:
My supernatural sense of organization and logic goes away when I have beer on an empty stomach. Who knew? I thought it was as much a part of me as being right-handed. Apparently, I have to be completely sober or I become ordinary and incompetant like everyone else. he he. 
In addition to learning that valuable lesson, Co-worker A and I have also attained industry status: We have been asked to help start the Canadian branch of Women of Water (WOW). I’m not kidding. Women of Water. I am going to be a Woman of Water. I rather like that. I told Mel from Brockville (another potential WOW member) that I wanted to be Vice-President and have an action figure. She was all for that. I’ll keep you posted. If it happens, guess what you’re all getting for Christmas.
Anyway, for showing up late in our jeans we get to start WOW. Imagine what we would have gotten if we’d arrived on time in business attire and managed to stay at the reception until 1 am?
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  1. Jenn
    April 23, 2007 at 8:13 am

    So, what I am reading here is htat you didn\’t buy any socks….

  2. S
    April 23, 2007 at 8:41 am


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