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Too good to be true?

On the radio yesterday morning, the dj’s were talking about some list that came up that ranked the top gay-friendly cities to live. The three Canadian cities on this list were Toronto (of course), Vancouver (of course) and Edmonton. EDMONTON! I was very surprised. There are maybe three gay spots in Edmonton tops.
I googled it to see if I could find the original source of information but I couldn’t find anything. So I suspect I must have misunderstood.
In other news, I got a little notice from Rogers in my bill saying that I had to upgrade from my TDMA phone to a GSM phone before May 30, 2007 or my cell phone account will be cancelled and my phone will no longer work. The choice of phones for me to upgrade to were the Nokia 6061 (free). I can’t find one of them on their website. Or I could upgrade to the Nokia 6133 ($30 with 36 month commitment). I don’t like the 6061. I like the phone I have now. Additionally, my current phone is a Motorola and all my accessories are Motorola. I don’t want to have to buy Nokia ones. This "improvement in service coverage" will actually cost me a lot of money. I’m really annoyed. Can they do this? I just bought my phone a little over a year ago!
And when I went to their website, they are still selling the TDMA phones/plans to new customers. Why would they be doing that if they are discontinuing the service in a month? Are these people drunk?
And why, oh why, is Grey’s Anatomy a summary episode? I want a real episode. Something new. These people are evil.
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