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The secret.

Like many femmes, the DS has a lot to do before going somewhere. So usually, I end up ready to go and waiting for her to do whatever it is she needs to do. I try not to complain because it’s just the way things are and if you want to date a femme, this just comes with the package.
Yesterday, however, I discovered the secret:
I picked her up at work and we had to stop by her place before going to mine. She needed to pick up a few things. When I parked in her driveway, I had to parallel park between her van and the upstair’s neighbour’s car. Since I knew we’d be in and out relatively quickly (for a femme), I just pulled it in until i wasn’t sticking out, but I didn’t realign it to be parallel with the other two vehicles.
Apparently this is REALLY disconcerting to the DS and rather than hang around her place puttering as she would normally do, she really wanted to get out of there so my car wouldn’t be all wonky in her driveway for too long.
So now, when I’m in a hurry, I’ll just park badly.
Note: This trick will not work for all femmes – just the virgo-wannabes.
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