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My security company seems a little unsecure…

April 30, 2007 Leave a comment
Two Saturdays ago, the DS and I were relaxing in my home. Then my alarm system started beeping. LOUDLY.
Then my alarm monitoring company called to find out why my alarm system was beeping. Apparently, the battery was low and I had to replace it.
This was unexpected. In all the times I’ve lived in  a house with an alarm system, I never replaced a battery in it. In fact, I rather thought it was powered by my electrical system and the battery (if one existed) was only for backup.
Anyway, it was beeping because it had a low battery. The technician who called told me that I could at least stop the beeping by pressing the pound key. I did that and the beeping stopped. Then the technician informed me that I would have to do that every four hours until the battery was replaced.
As I was hoping to sleep through the night, I had to go get a new battery. The technician tells me its a 12V 4 Amp battery and I can get them at Radio Shack. I’m sure I can, EXCEPT WHEN IT’S 8:00 PM ON A SATURDAY NIGHT!
I tried Walmart (open until 9pm) and they had all sizes up to 9V and then went straight to motorcycle batteries. Shopper’s Drug Mart had nothing useful unless you wanted a battery for your camera or vibrator. Canadian Tire and Home Depot were closed. Best Buy had nothing.
Thankfully, the alarm did not resume its beeping every four hours as the technician forecasted – it just died.
So now I figure I have time to get the battery at my convenience. I decide to open the alarm panel in the basement to ensure the technician was correct about the battery size. The alarm panel is locked. I do not have a key.  How am I to change the battery without a key to open the panel?
I call the monitoring company. I say I don’t have a key. She asks if I looked on top of the alarm panel. Well, um, no. That seems like a silly place to put the key. Then she said that if it wasn’t there, I could pull the front off the panel with a screwdriver. If I can pull the door off by unscrewing it, why even bother putting a lock on it!?
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Poor dental timing.

April 27, 2007 Leave a comment
My gum on the outside of my lower right jaw has been hurting for about a week now. Originally, when it started hurting, I thought it must be a little cankor sore or something and figured it would go away.
Obviously, it hasn’t gone away and it’s actually gotten worse.
So I called my dentist today to see if he could fix it. My dentist is at some dental conference here in Toronto. So I called a different dentist. And the emergency dentist hotline. There are no dentists available because they are all at this conference. No dentists in Ontario until Monday. My dentist is not actually available until Tuesday (apparently he parties hard at these conferences).
This is terribly inconvenient for me. I need dental assistance, dammit!
I’m going to teach them a lesson. When the AWWA conference is in Toronto in June, there will be no pipeline inspectors available. So there!
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Tattoo time once again.

April 27, 2007 1 comment
The DS is planning on getting a tattoo for her, um, ‘next‘ birthday (I’m not telling what age that is.) So I figure it’s about time for me to get another one too. Unfortunately, I can’t find anything I really like.
Originally, I was looking for an armband one. Nothing too thick as I hear they are very painful. Then I thought I could get Hobbes (the cat from Calvin & Hobbes) in a pre-pounce position on my shoulder instead and actually found an image of that. But I’m not sure that’s exactly what I want. Maybe I’ll put that on my upper butt.
So if anyone has any good ideas, I’d like to hear them.
And no, I’m NOT getting the DS’s name tattooed on me anywhere. Don’t suggest it.
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Wastewater Road Trip – the actual blog.

April 20, 2007 2 comments
Co-worker A and I have been planning the Wastewater Road Trip for about a week, maybe two. This was our planned itinerary:
Tuesday 12:30 pm – Leave work for London, ON in the rental car.
2:30 pm – Arrive in London and wander the WEAO (Water Environment Assoc of Ontario) Exhibits at the WEAO Conference. According to the webpage, the exhibits would be open until 7pm. Also meet with Rhonda, our Texan mentor in the water/wastewater industry.
5:00 pm – Have dinner, buy the DS socks (whenever I travel on business, I have to buy the DS socks), do some work in our hotel room while relaxing.
Wednesday morning- Drive to Muskegon, MI (5 hours from London) with Rhonda.
Wednesday afternoon – Supervise an inspection our company is doing there.
Wednesday evening – Buy socks and do some work in the hotel room.
Thursday am – Drive back to work (7 hours).
It didn’t quite happen that way:
Tuesday morning – Find out that one of our sales guys registered us for the Conference Banquet so we could meet some people in the business. Very thoughtful, but Co-worker A and I did not pack any business attire. When you’re going to a wastewater inspection, you don’t need dress shoes.
2:30 pm – Drive to London with severe wardrobe anxiety.
4:30 pm – Arrive London and walk to conference centre from hotel. And the exhibits closed at 4pm. We missed them.
5:00 pm – Meet with Rhonda and our sales guy. Dinner was at least two hours away and we hadn’t eaten since noon. No problem. Sales guy buys us beer and brings us a glass of bar nuts.
7:00 pm – Banquet and two more free beers. And lots of "building relationships" (schmoozing).
10:00 pm – Sales guy tells us the key to forming good relationships is attending these mixers until 2am and asks us if we are up to the challenge.
10:30 pm – Sales guy goes to bed.
11:30 pm – Co-worker A and I are dead on our feet and can’t make conversation anymore even though we meet interesting people. We go back to the hotel. I call the DS. She admonishes me for my carb- and beer-filled day.
1:00 am – Rhonda, the mentor, leaves the party. She’s an experienced conference attendee. We are informed that Mel from Brockville went all night.
Wednesday 7:30 am – Drive to Muskegon.
12:30 – Arrive in Muskegon. Guys have just finished their morning inspection and packed up for lunch so we go for lunch with them.
1:30 – Utility is not ready for our guys to do another survey today so they do some equipment maintenance. Nothing to see here folks. We drive back to Toronto.
11:15 pm – Arrive at home.
Essentially, we drove to Muskegon and back (14 hrs) for lunch. But as I’ve learned, it’s never a waste so long as you learn something. Here’s what I learned:
My supernatural sense of organization and logic goes away when I have beer on an empty stomach. Who knew? I thought it was as much a part of me as being right-handed. Apparently, I have to be completely sober or I become ordinary and incompetant like everyone else. he he. 
In addition to learning that valuable lesson, Co-worker A and I have also attained industry status: We have been asked to help start the Canadian branch of Women of Water (WOW). I’m not kidding. Women of Water. I am going to be a Woman of Water. I rather like that. I told Mel from Brockville (another potential WOW member) that I wanted to be Vice-President and have an action figure. She was all for that. I’ll keep you posted. If it happens, guess what you’re all getting for Christmas.
Anyway, for showing up late in our jeans we get to start WOW. Imagine what we would have gotten if we’d arrived on time in business attire and managed to stay at the reception until 1 am?
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The Wastewater Road Trip

April 20, 2007 Leave a comment
I know you’re all eagerly anticipating the write up for the Wastewater Road Trip, but with the anarchy that has been work this week, I haven’t had time. And it’s a long story so I figured I would break it up into manageable chunks so you don’t have anything too long to read.
I’ll get to that soon. Maybe tonight. We’ll see. Cross your fingers. If I get out of work at a reasonable time, I’ll do it.
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My cartoon equivalent.

April 15, 2007 1 comment
I was having hair issues at my ROTC rehearsal today. Jerry called me Astroboy. I don’t know. He looks a little too cheerful and vapid.
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Too good to be true?

April 12, 2007 Leave a comment
On the radio yesterday morning, the dj’s were talking about some list that came up that ranked the top gay-friendly cities to live. The three Canadian cities on this list were Toronto (of course), Vancouver (of course) and Edmonton. EDMONTON! I was very surprised. There are maybe three gay spots in Edmonton tops.
I googled it to see if I could find the original source of information but I couldn’t find anything. So I suspect I must have misunderstood.
In other news, I got a little notice from Rogers in my bill saying that I had to upgrade from my TDMA phone to a GSM phone before May 30, 2007 or my cell phone account will be cancelled and my phone will no longer work. The choice of phones for me to upgrade to were the Nokia 6061 (free). I can’t find one of them on their website. Or I could upgrade to the Nokia 6133 ($30 with 36 month commitment). I don’t like the 6061. I like the phone I have now. Additionally, my current phone is a Motorola and all my accessories are Motorola. I don’t want to have to buy Nokia ones. This "improvement in service coverage" will actually cost me a lot of money. I’m really annoyed. Can they do this? I just bought my phone a little over a year ago!
And when I went to their website, they are still selling the TDMA phones/plans to new customers. Why would they be doing that if they are discontinuing the service in a month? Are these people drunk?
And why, oh why, is Grey’s Anatomy a summary episode? I want a real episode. Something new. These people are evil.
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