I had a blog to write Wednesday night but never got around to it. This morning I have a blog to write. Both blogs, though four days apart, have to do with news items. Odd, no?
Wednesday’s Blog:
Our ROTC group is being featured by Enza Supermodel on the Naked News. Just a little interest entertainment article as gay twirlers are not really hard hitting news. If we were, we’d be featured on non-naked news at 6pm with the teaser line "Coming up next, how what you don’t know about gay flag twirlers could be killing your children!" God, I hate the news.
Anyway, three of us from our twirling group were interviewed, we taught Enza some twirling and some day it will appear on OutTV (I think…). She said she’d send us a copy of the segment once it aired. We’ll put it on our ROTC website when we get it and I’ll post a link here.
For the record, no one was naked at any point.
This morning’s blog:
I had channel 24 on this morning while I puttered. It’s a news thing that also posts the weather for the day. While it ran, they did a story on this company that does online videos of exercises you should do at your desk to counter the effects of working at a desk. There’s a subscription fee like $6.95 a month and it looked interesting. I thought I’d check it out.
So here I am online and I go, as instructed by the reporter who covered the story, to their web page and they don’t have anything there! I googled and can’t find it. It’s frustrating. I watched several news items, none of interest to me, and the only one that IS of interest is not posted on their website. Curse them.
<aside: sb2kf-sigh>
  1. CreativeGrrl
    March 12, 2007 at 7:43 pm

    I second the sigh!

  2. S
    March 16, 2007 at 5:07 pm

    and not only "sigh" but "#%@!"

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