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Sick oh sick.

March 26, 2007 2 comments
I’m sick. I even went home from work. That’s sick. My nose is running and my throat is KILLING me. I hate it. I’ve been sleeping and absorbing fluids like crazy.
The good news: Mississauga is now on a green bin system for our organic waste and used kleenix goes in the green bin so I’m not hurting the environment in my sickness. I think I’ll buy a bigger car…
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March 22, 2007 1 comment
I had my cytoscopy. Ouch. I never want to do that again. They SAY it’s painless, but apparently I am some kind of mutant.
The good news is that I don’t have anything fatal. The bad news is that I don’t have anything obvious. So my next course of treatment involves a different medication (only 6 weeks though so there’s an end in sight) and I’m not allowed ANY caffeine or chocolate or alcohol.
The good news is that after all the beer and chocolate I had this summer, it’s probably a good thing that I’m forced to take a break. The bad news is NO CAFFEINE, CHOCOLATE OR ALCOHOL. That is so wrong.
He may be beautiful, but he hurts me. Why do the beautiful people hurt me?
<sb2kf: he he – i’m such a brat.>
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Twirling genius!

March 18, 2007 Leave a comment
I just came from my ROTC rehearsal. We’ve been learning the new summer routine for three weeks now but the choreographer didn’t show us the parade formation until today. I am in the front!
This means that the choreographer considers me a strong enough performer that I don’t need someone twirling in front of me to prompt me to remember the routine. She is confident I can do the routine on my own. And more than that, that I can do it CORRECTLY on my own. In fact, she even complimented me on my progress as a twirler. Apparently, I’m at "that level" of performance. Yay me.
This also means that I will be at the front of the group and will have no one in front of me to prompt me when I forget where I am in the routine. ACK!
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My cardio didn’t do any good.

March 13, 2007 2 comments
So I’ve been doing fast walks at lunch with co-workers (20 minutes at least 3 times a week). Plus I’ve been doing cardio at home, boxing on Saturday and squash on Sunday. Plus occasional soccer and flag twirling. I lost 10lbs since Christmas (I think – I’m not a regular weigh-in person so I vaguely remember being one weight a while back and I’m a different weight now – I do fit into pants I fit last summer before dating someone who fed me beer and chocolate.)
Anyway, I had a flight to Phoenix yesterday, connecting in Denver. The flight from Toronto to Denver was delayed and then we sat on the tarmac for about 1/2 hour until they found us a gate to deplane at. This was at 10:55 and our Denver to Phoenix flight was expected to board at 10:45.
Mikey and I ran from our arrival gate to our departure gate. They, of course, were on opposite ends of the terminal. We did not make it. We weren’t too late though because we could see our plane sitting there, not going anywhere. But they would not let us board. We had to wait until 2:21 to take a different plane.
If only I had started my cardio training 6 months earlier. Or done it with a laptop on my back. I have a widescreen, it’s heavier than it looks.
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March 11, 2007 2 comments
I had a blog to write Wednesday night but never got around to it. This morning I have a blog to write. Both blogs, though four days apart, have to do with news items. Odd, no?
Wednesday’s Blog:
Our ROTC group is being featured by Enza Supermodel on the Naked News. Just a little interest entertainment article as gay twirlers are not really hard hitting news. If we were, we’d be featured on non-naked news at 6pm with the teaser line "Coming up next, how what you don’t know about gay flag twirlers could be killing your children!" God, I hate the news.
Anyway, three of us from our twirling group were interviewed, we taught Enza some twirling and some day it will appear on OutTV (I think…). She said she’d send us a copy of the segment once it aired. We’ll put it on our ROTC website when we get it and I’ll post a link here.
For the record, no one was naked at any point.
This morning’s blog:
I had channel 24 on this morning while I puttered. It’s a news thing that also posts the weather for the day. While it ran, they did a story on this company that does online videos of exercises you should do at your desk to counter the effects of working at a desk. There’s a subscription fee like $6.95 a month and it looked interesting. I thought I’d check it out.
So here I am online and I go, as instructed by the reporter who covered the story, to their web page and they don’t have anything there! I googled and can’t find it. It’s frustrating. I watched several news items, none of interest to me, and the only one that IS of interest is not posted on their website. Curse them.
<aside: sb2kf-sigh>

The 15 minute miracle.

March 5, 2007 Leave a comment
My handsome urologist booked me for a CT scan, which the hospital schedules. I got a letter in the mail Friday saying that it was scheduled for Sunday, 11:00 am.
I showed up at 5 minutes to 11. I was undressed, scanned, redressed and out of there by 11:10 am.
And the staff were very pleasant. Well done Trillium – West Toronto. Kudos to ya!
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Ice storm.

March 2, 2007 Leave a comment
Okay – so it may have taken me two hours to drive two blocks yesterday in the ice storm, and I’m sure most of my staff will use it as an excuse to "work from home" today but there are advantages to driving three hours in wet, sloppy, rainy snow. It gets all the salty crap off my car and saves me having to spend $10 to wash the thing.
<You didn’t realize I was so cheap, did you?>
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