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Quest for gas.

About a week ago, we were informed that there was a refinery fire and between that and the CN strike (or some other such thing), Esso stations would be having difficulty keeping a full supply of gas. I had just filled up so I was fine. They expected the situation to be under control within 10 days.
Monday, my tank was getting low and I stopped by my Esso on the way home. Only two tanks still had gas and they had long lineups so I just went home. ‘I’ll fill up tomorrow,’ I thought.
Tuesday morning on the way to work, I drove back to the Esso and all tanks were empty. No surprise. I started to drive to the Shell across the street. As I waited at the intersection for the light to change, the price of gas sign changed from 97.9 to 000.0. Hmm… I drove on.
I passed two more stations that were out of gas. My gas light went on, needle firmly on "E". This is a new car. I don’t have any idea how long I can drive on the fumes. My mother would be able to drive for three weeks on E. I am not that lucky. I had visions of me running out of gas in the middle lane. I had already mentally made a plan to call co-worker A to fetch me some gas. But then, maybe she wouldn’t be able to find a station with gas left and she too would run out. Then she would call a co-worker and soon the whole company would be paralyzed on city streets, unable to take care of anyone’s water and wastewater lines. It’s not just a gas shortage anymore.
Finally, I found a station with gas. I pulled in line behind a woman who could not figure out how to make the pump work. While she tried, three cars cycled through the next pump. I pulled out and got behind someone who looked a little more competant.
My tank is 45L. I purchased 42L. That was very scary.
Every other station I passed on my way to work was out of gas. And they say this will continue for another week. I’m going back to Alberta.
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