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Sucks to be me – in a couple of weeks anyway.

So Mikey and I are going to Phoenix in a couple of weeks. Apparently flights are scarce. Our travel arranger went to book us and she did Mike’s first. So Mike gets to fly back to Toronto at a reasonable hour on a Friday. He got the last seat on that flight. I get to fly back on the red eye on the Thursday. Beh.
In other news, I was cleaning out my file cabinet and shredding all my 1995-1999 documents (bank statements, bills, insurance records, etc.). I was very organized even then. All the little returned cheques were neatly stapled to the bank statement and all my mastercard receipts were neatly stapled to the mastercard statement. I don’t own a staple remover so my nails are currently in nasty shape from yesterday’s little activity.
This meant there was a lot of shredding. My little shredder overheated and I could smell burning engine parts he he. I brought about 2" worth of documents to be shredded here at work.
And there was a short moment of respectful silence during the 1997 documents when I came across bills with my first ever gf’s handwriting on them. She, as methodical as I, wrote the amounts each of us owed on every bill we shared while she lived with me. The silence was to reflect on the gf and to reflect on the fact I was only paying $24 a month for heating a 1200 sqft home in the winter. Oh – those were the days.
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