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For all the people I’ve bugged about being tardy.

Yesterday, Heidi-ho (HH) invited me to play badminton. Neither of us had played in 15 years so we figured it would be fun. She was going to look into courts and I, the virgo, was going to look up and refresh myself on the rules of play.
As it turned out, there were no courts available so HH asked if I wanted to try squash. I had never played squash but heard it was a good workout so I said, "sure, why not?" HH volunteered to buy us racquets on her lunch break (she had never played before either).
Throughout the day, we exchanged emails indicating where we were going to meet and when. She would write things like "I’ve booked a court for 4pm but I likely won’t get there until 4:10. Just sign up for the court and wait for me."
Now, HH has not been punctual in the past. If you’ll recall a blog I wrote in November about me waiting for her the the Cora’s for 45 minutes, that pretty much sums it up. I had visions of me being at the squash court, without a racquet or ball, sitting on the floor waiting for her to show up. So I warned her that she better be on time. She re-scheduled our court for 4:20pm.
Sadly, I had to interview a candidate at work. He was scheduled to start his interview at 2:30. I figured he’d be done by 3:30 or 4pm at the latest. Plenty of time to get to the squash court.
As it turns out, he was a talker. He didn’t leave my office until 4:30. By the time I got to the court, I was an hour and five minutes late. I don’t even recall the last time I’ve been this late. HH was playing by herself on the court. I was so embarrassed and she rubbed it in pretty good.
Then, because I was late, I changed into my shorts and runners on the court. The wall of the court was glass and all the people in the gym doing their cardio machines are positioned to look into the squash court. I didn’t mind as I normally change in the parking lot before soccer games, but HH thought it was funny. Glad I could give something back.
Did you know that the squash ball doesn’t really bounce much? It’s very odd behaviour for a ball. I’m having trouble with it, which is annoying because I usually am fairly good at any sport I try very quickly. I never get brilliant at it, but I am coordinated so I can be functional within a short period of time. Apparently this is not so with squash. I suck at it.
We played for about 5 minutes and then the people who had the court next showed up.
That was my squash playing experience. But now that I have a racquet, we’ll try again later.
And because HH is not unlike Jesus, she turned the other cheek and made me dinner. A really awesome, healthy dinner of pita pizza with pesto, chicken, peppers, mushrooms and some soft cheese with a fancy name I can’t remember.
I’m wondering if I can apply this lesson to my dating approach: Be completely irresponsibly late and non-accomodating (ie: a jerk) and women will wind up serving me. It could work.
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