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We need to set rules for the media.

While I was donating blood, the tv in the bleeding area was set to a channel showing "Breaking News" on the Anna Nicole Smith death.
Essentially she died and no one currently knows why. The autopsy is expected to be tomorrow. Then maybe we’ll know why.
The media was covering this "live at the scene". They were interviewing people who saw "police crowded around her body" or "them taking her body away".
Since we’ve already established that she’s dead, do we need this coverage?  Yes, it’s sad that someone died. Yes, she’s a celebrity of sorts. But I don’t need second-by-second updates regarding the incident. Let’s just all wait until more ACTUAL FACTUAL news is available, then report it in a little tidy story from A to Z and be done with it.
Continuous coverage that interrupts regular programming with "updates" should be saved for things where we actually NEED updates, like storm watches, murderers seen in my neighbourhood, olympic hockey score changes as the game progresses.
If the woman is dead now and she’ll still be dead in ten minutes, I don’t need continual coverage with updates. If she gets up and starts walking, THEN feel free to break into my regular programming.
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