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Appropriate way to wrap up a crazy week.

This week has been crazy. Work has been insane – I spent over 50 hours there, which may not seem like a lot for many people, but considering our normal work week is 35 hours, it’s a lot for me. And part of the problem is that I had to schedule and make travel arrangements for a project on one day (BIG RUSH – LAST MINUTE BOOKING) only to have it cancelled the next day. So it’s not so much the extra work, it’s that there was extra work that was fruitless.
Then late last night before I left the office, one of the sales guys decided it was time for me to hear his opinion on gay people. Now don’t get me wrong, I like to have conversations with str8 people regarding gay issues as I feel that most of the adversity we face is from ignorance and lack of dialogue. So anyone is welcome to ask me questions. But having an ‘honest open dialogue’ with a sales guy is not really possible – the conversation is mostly one-sided. Optimistically though, I think every time I have this discussion with him, I think one or two points DO sink in and progress is made. I think he just fights it because he’s been on the earth as a white, str8 male for a long time and some things are just pre-programmed.
Also, since Thursday, I’ve had a tummy gurgle. I’m not sick like at Christmas, but something is just not quite right. I’m not sure what the problem is.
Finally, this morning, I had an oil change booked. Now, as you know, I recently bought a Nissan Versa. I could have bought it at a local dealer by my work. However, the one I did buy it from offered me 12 free oil changes. When I purchased the vehicle, I stood with the salesman at the service counter and he told the service manager to put the free oil changes in the computer.
So imagine my surprise as I show up at the dealer this morning (at 8am, after driving 45 minutes) and the work order authorization says my oil change will cost $45. I told the service guy that I was supposed to get 12 freebies. He said it wasn’t on the computer and that I needed to talk to sales. Uh huh. There is no one in from Sales until 9am. I went home without getting my oil changed. That was 72 km I just put on my car for no reason.
Now I’m going to call Sales and tell them to sort it out and get back to me. And they owe me 72 km and an hour and a half of my time.
Morale: Buy a Nissan. It’s a good car. But don’t buy it from Airport Nissan in Brampton. They are incompetant. Good thing I didn’t give them a good review in my satisfaction survey.
Hopefully, next week will be better.
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