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Another sign I’m getting old.

For the last few months, I’ve been trying to determine the cause of my back pain, my shoulder pain, my chest pain.
Since about December, I’ve been adjusting my desk and laptop and chair at work to see if there are ergonomic things I can do to improve my posture. I’ve changed chairs three times, raised my keyboard on phone books, moved my laptop higher, closer, faster.
Then it hit me: My poor workstation posture is because I’m leaning in to my laptop monitor to see the small fonts!
So I got a 17" flat screen monitor from the IT guy and plugged my laptop into that. The fonts are huge!
Things are so much better now.
What’s terribly sad is that I’m the Health & Safety trainer at my company. I wrote the safety manual. Section 4.7 is on Office Ergonomics. AND IT TOOK ME THREE MONTHS TO FIGURE OUT MY PROBLEM! Does writing the manual make you stupid?
You can bet I’ll never write a sex manual now.
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