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I love the internet.

I made a protein shake for breakfast Monday morning. Basically, I throw a banana, yoghurt and fruit (all frozen), water and protein powder, and psyllium husks into my blender and blend it.
My blender can’t cut it. It also proved inadequate for mushing up cooked potato and broccoli when the DS made soup last week.
So I’ve decided I need to buy a new blender. But which blender will be good? There are a lot out there and some work and some don’t and price is no indication of quality.
And while I’m at it, I figured maybe I should buy a juicer. The DS has one and makes some pretty interesting concoctions that she says are good for me. I was thinking maybe I should do some juicing too but I also worry that:
a. I’m drinking my calories.
b. Since everything is liquified, aren’t I losing the benefits that come from digesting the fruit/veggies?
So first, I researched "the benefits of juicing" and learned that, yes you lose the fibre benefit from juicing but the other nutrients and good things are more easily absorbed into your system. In fact, one website had a whole page on the benefits of juicing. Interesting.
Then I researched "blender reviews" and got a list of good blenders. Apparently Hamilton Beach makes some good ones.
Then I went to the Futureshop website to see if they sell this blender because I have a gift certificate for Futureshop and it’s on the way home from work. They do have blenders, but no juicers. Unless they have juicers, but not on the website.
So look how much I learned and how productive I was. I got all that in less than 15 minutes.
Can you imagine how long that would have taken to learn/do 10 years ago, before I had internet?
Whoever that Mr Internet was, god bless him for his invention.
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